"Healthy365 is helping those in the community with transportation for medical necessity and food delivery.  Each of these services will be assessed on individual basis and not guaranteed.  We are here for anyone that may be feeling emotional distress during this crucial time."

Please feel free to contact us either via email at director@hcwrc.org, office phone-317-477-1959 or cell phone-317-512-0788 if you should have any other questions or concerns.  

The Women's Resource Center helps women navigate life's hurdles, access community services, develop new skill sets, and move lives forward, one step at a time, enabled through a close mentoring relationship with built-in accountability checkpoints. By providing this service to women we help make them strong, ready to face life’s challenges. When a woman is strong, so too is her family, her neighborhood, and her entire community. 

​In order to be strong today and face the current life challenge, we need to be sure we have all the information we can about the recent Coronovirus outbreak and how we can help our families.  Hancock Health has shared information with us and we would like to share that with you!  There are so many resources in our community to help you if you are struggling due to the virus, whether that be loss of work or the illness itself. 

Please click on each photo below to learn more about each topic.  If after reading each topic, if you should still have questions, please go to:

Hancock Health’s coronavirus landing page: https://www.hancockregionalhospital.org/coronavirus/
Hancock Health's 24/7 Coronavirus Hotline: 317.325.COVD (2683)
Hancock Health's email: nurse@hancockregional.org

More resources that you may need: